Welcome to Dogs and their Humans, a site about dog photography in the Toronto-
Oakville - Burlington area.

The more time I spend with great dogs, the more I realize how important these pets are to their owners.

That's why I've expanded my photography business to include portraits, in several styles, of dogs, including dogs with their humans.

The Environmental Portrait
A structured outdoor or indoor portrait of your dog, in a location that means something to your dog.

The Formal Portrait
Usually indoors, with a simple or elaborate background, carefully lit.

The Action Portrait
For dogs who love to run and jump.

All styles include several packages of various sizes of prints. And humans are welcome in some or all of the photos you select.


Please click on Andie The Dog to get details about dog portraits

Here are some of my favorite dog photographs

The Beagle is my friend Sparky. The white dog is Willow, who is deaf and likes to eat groceries
right out of the bags as they arrive from the store. Andie, the Dalmatian, is my number one model,
and she loves to run and tussle with other dogs.

Pallas, in the upper left, has passed on, but this portrait with her owner is a prized family
possession. Willow, in the top picture, is now the family dog. Andie, with her owner in the
middle photo, is not related to Pallas, even though they come from the same breeder and
both have the same black right ear. Beau, with the corkscrew tail, was Andie's first friend
when she moved to the city from the farm where she was raised. And Barley, the biggest
Lab I've ever met, looks like a Sumo wrestler when she and Andie tussle.
  Please call for information on the packages, and an appointment to see samples of the photographs. 416 879 5771